About Us

We are a small family business selling a collection of primarily 18th-19th Century Chinese Jade carvings collected by Rudolph Voll during the mid-20th Century in Hong Kong and Macau. Mr. Voll, a well-established pearl dealer probably most famous as a prolific writer of letters to the editor in various publications, developed a keen and abiding interest in Jade, making near-daily excursions to collect for a number of decades, including the "Cultural Revolution" era. The collection encompasses thousands of pieces spanning over a thousand years of Chinese history.

Most of the pieces he collected are crafted of a fine grade of nephrite known as Hetian Jade (Chinese:和阗玉), quarried or found in riverbeds since ancient times in far western China. As nephrite is an exceptionally tough, hard mineral, shaping it requires skill, patience and sophisticated tools. In evaluating and dating pieces, the quality of the material, subject and craftsmanship are carefully scrutinized.